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Academy: Foundational Cutting Hands on

  • moxie hair salon 700 Grand Ave St Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

A Hands on cutting experience do 3 haircuts step by step to help you understand and master the foundations of haircutting. For all levels of stylists.

Cost:  Stylists or Instructors $125 plus service fees  Students: $50 plus service fee


INTRODUCTION - Building blocks of hair cutting, form, and shapes. Learn One Length,

Graduation, and Layering. Go in depth with shapes, texture, and fine tuning.


TEXTURE-  Understand the different types of texture that we are working on and how it will affect the outcome of the FORM and SHAPE that we are trying to achieve.



OneLength- Using a single design line

Graduation- Building weight in hair by cutting short to long

Layering- Removing weight by cutting short to long


SHAPE - Shape in haircutting is created by your body position and feet placement learn the control of creating these shapes.





BODY POSITION- Body position is how we control the SHAPE and FORM. Being in tune with our body and how we use it while we work will help us a stylist stay in the business longer and help give us the results that we want.



BlowOut- For a proper finish be sure to blow out hair into the form and shape you created.

Texturizing- Blend, remove bulk, break up, and create movement within a SHAPE.. It can be done in a few ways.





Fine Tuning- refine haircut when dry