Business Skills and Social Media (4hr)

  • Moxie ShairedSpace 4055 Minnesota 7 Service Road Saint Louis Park, MN, 55416 United States

Understand the foundation of business What’s the difference between hiring, being an independent contractor or an employee. Learn how to set benchmarks, goals, and build growth. Know the vital signs of your business and discover the tools to succeed. Getting engaged is what will make your employees, yourself, and your business flourish!

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Demo and Lecture:  60 min

Understanding Brand, Culture, Core Values, Mission Statements, and making your business yours.  Take control of your work environment


Hands on:  30 min

Take some time and build a marketing plan for your business that fits your mission and vision.


Demo and Lecture:  15 min

What’s the differences between and benefits of being an independant contractor, booth renting, employee, suite salon owner, or salon owner.


Demo and Lecture:  60 min

Understand the vital signs that control your business and tell you where your are.  Use these vital signs to help you set budgets for the future


Hands on:  30 min

Build a budget, and learn how to set goals for yourself, your staff, and your business.


Demo and Lecture:  45 min

Get Social!  See how social media works and how it can help or hinder your business.  Learn some quick tips that will help you grow.  


Items to bring:

  • Notebook

  • Pens and pencils

  • Calculator

  • Any numbers you may want to work on

  • Ability for you to connect to your social media Instagram, Facebook