Nov 17th 2019 (Hands on Class:) Razor Cutting Foundations

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Nov 17th 2019 (Hands on Class:) Razor Cutting Foundations


Sunday, November 17, 2019⋅10:00am – 2:00pm

Hands on Class: Razor Cutting Foundations

Razor cutting is  an excellent way to create modern, low-maintenance hairstyles. It’s great for enabling swing and movement, creates a contemporary jagged line, helps you redefine texture, is perfect for short and messy and shaggy styles, and makes beautiful soft-shaped layers. Yet you can only do these things if you know the fundamentals of successful razor-cutting. Razor Fundamentals shows you how to master the straight edge blade and is perfect for inexperienced razor-cutters or any stylist who wants to ground their own razor-cutting in strong technique. Over the two days you’ll learn to razor-cut a one-length line, shape a graduated razor-cut, and layer effectively with your razor.

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Demo and Lecture:  30 min

How to use a folding razor

Different types of techniques with razor.

How to use the comb and razor together.

What type of hair that a razor works best on.

Importance of body position and discipline

Hands on:

Simon said style of learning. Educator demos one section, trainee does it on their mannequin.

  • Blunt line on longer hair  with face framing 90 min

  • Classic but Simple graduation.         75 min

  • Short graduation on a pixie cut     75 min

Tools to bring:

  1. Folding Razor with new blades (some are available for purchase if needed)

  2. Cutting combs

  3. Clips

  4. Styling brush

  5. Blowdryer