Rising Star Stylist in Training: $30 Haircut price



Bio: In the industry since 2012. I was born and raised in northern Minnesota, I am the oldest of four girls, growing up in a small town I always had big dreams of living in the city and becoming a great, and successful hair dresser! From a very young age, I fell in love with the feeling you get, from making somebody else feel beautiful. It's an unexplainable feeling, being able to touch the life of another human being. I knew it was my calling to become a cosmetologist, not for the money, the art, or the fame, but to make others feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Continuing education is very important to me, it is my strongest belief that the day you say you know it all, is the day you lose it all. One can never have too much knowledge, and nothing is better than being able to share that knowledge with my clients and fellow stylists so we can all learn and grow together. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the world around me, being spontaneous, going on random adventures, also trying and learning new things. I enjoy being around my family and friends, laughing and smiling all the time. In the summers I volunteer my time at a summer camp in Crosslake, MN, for children with special needs, and diseases, painting their nails, doing makeup and hair are just a few of the services I give to them. You only have one life to live, so I try to live every day like its my last and make a positive impact on as many lives as possible. My future goals are to grow farther at Moxie, gain more knowledge along with skill, I would love to take as many classes as humanly possible!! Become an educator so I can share my experience and knowledge. Give back more and do more for others. I would also love to travel and see the world and all the beauty it has to offer. 

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark" -Unknown