"How we see things in the world around us, solely depends on how things are inside of us. Positive people see the world full of potential and happiness."

~ Stephen Adams, Owner

The heart above lists all of the traits that we hold as our core values as a company and a family. We work hard to make sure that all of our core values run through all aspects of our business from how we treat customers and employees.

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Moxie Hair Salon   Grand Ave. St Paul MN


Located in the upscale neighborhood of Grand Ave in St. Paul MN.  This area is riddled with shops and restaurants that will excite your senses. Meander the street after your hair services. Parking both on the street and in our heated underground parking.  Our parking entrance is just east of the building.  To enter please pull into the drive way and head down to the garage doors, they will automatically open.  Please park in general parking or parking marked for Moxie Hair Salon.




Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

Monday: 3pm to 9pm

Tuesday: 10am to 9pm

Wednesday Thursday and Friday:  9am to 9pm

Saturday: 8am to 8pm


Call via phone (651)251-6820

Now able to book your appointment online! click the link below..

Limited to Haircuts, KidCuts, and Blowouts.  

All chemical services need to call in to your salon location so we can customize the appointment for you.

All prices may vary by stylist, most prices listed are starting at the lowest level.